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What We Offer

This subscription service is to help you guys out with every aspect of Facebook Marketplace/Shops, there is so much information and benefits packed inside, such as…

  • One on one zoom calls with us
  • Work with us one on one to get you to $5000-$8000 profit every month
  • New course every month on (shops, marketplace, ads, branding, wholesaling, taxes and many more)
  • Community group chat where everyone can share ideas
  • Individually giving out hot products so everyone’s not posting the same one
  • Daily insights inside of our account and daily tips

Facebook marketplace is always changing so we’re always testing new things and we’re constantly finding new ways to get more sales and you guys can be the first to know and put these to use!

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About Us

Hunter and I have been able to generate over Seven figures on Facebook Marketplace/Shops in just 12 months

We have also been able to teach many people how to do the same and some are even doing so much more than us now. 

We started this community to reach more people and help them get to their goals on Facebook Marketplace/Shops. All of you can achieve the same results as we did as long as you put in the time and effort as well as taking full advantage of the many features we offer here!

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No refunds once you purchase any plan!

Any chargebacks with the bank will get you automatically kicked from the group whether you win or lose the chargeback